AOF going away @ Bombay Ventura(11/7/2014)/Mandex @ Grinder's in Valencia(11/8/2014) / by owen bucey

After an uneasy and physically exhausting day at work we took to the stage and played a clean and concise set. We're ready for the UK with Lit. On Saturday night the Mandex boys and I loaded into Robin's sprinter van and headed to Valencia to play the sports club Grinders. The owner Jessica was super friendly and delivered an amazing pastrami sandwich pizza for us. The venue brews their own Pilsner which is a delicious cross between a heff and a lager. We had two good friends with us that proceeded to get the dance floor going and created an amazing vibe. Three power sets all epic in their own right. Looking forward to our next adventure to Canyon country. I'll be heading off to the UK on Wednesday. Fare thee well.