GET HAPPY TOUR UK/S1EP1 by owen bucey

Greetings Friends!

I'm getting ready to head across the pond to the United Kingdom once again with the Amazing Bowling for Soup and the always fun Aquabats on the Get Happy Tour and Army of Freshmen 20th anniversary.  Details can be found at !!!

I'm also excited to release the first 3 tracks off of my upcoming release S1EP1.  

  • Vibes
  • Wolves
  • Memories

Please stream or download to your hearts content at the (sOUNDS) or (dOWNLOAD) section of the site.

Much love,




coming 2018


I had the extreme pleasure of tracking 2 more songs this last weekend with the amazingly talented John Andrew Sveiven at Arkive Studios in Ventura, CA.  The working titles are "Vibes" and "Memories."  Please visit the sound section of my site to hear the first mix of "Vibes."  There is not a fleshed out plan yet as to when the EP will be released, but let me know what you think so far.  Cheers!


Self Titled EP by owen bucey


So I'm heading into the studio tomorrow to begin the process of assembling a 5 song EP. Many of the concepts I've put together for these tunes have been born out of one of the most difficult periods of my life. Piano has been tracked live on the Wurlitzer upright in its place in the dining area of my home. This will be a bare bones vocal/piano unless the process in the studio opens the songs up for additional instrumentation. I feel confident that this will be a nice time capsule to reflect on later in life.

Take me to church by owen bucey

Been having a great time outside of my comfort zone playing with several great musicians at the Mission church in Camarillo. Today is the Super Bowl and I was enlisted to play the theme during the set. Burning Brass was the patch that brought it all together. Good talk with Sam Bolle about podcasts. It's funny how hearing people talk can be a nice soothing form of therapy. 


AOF going away @ Bombay Ventura(11/7/2014)/Mandex @ Grinder's in Valencia(11/8/2014) by owen bucey

After an uneasy and physically exhausting day at work we took to the stage and played a clean and concise set. We're ready for the UK with Lit. On Saturday night the Mandex boys and I loaded into Robin's sprinter van and headed to Valencia to play the sports club Grinders. The owner Jessica was super friendly and delivered an amazing pastrami sandwich pizza for us. The venue brews their own Pilsner which is a delicious cross between a heff and a lager. We had two good friends with us that proceeded to get the dance floor going and created an amazing vibe. Three power sets all epic in their own right. Looking forward to our next adventure to Canyon country. I'll be heading off to the UK on Wednesday. Fare thee well.


MANDEX brings in the new year with a bang! by owen bucey

Great times NYE 2013-2014. Nikki sang as Lita Ford and Heart with us.  One opening set and a long power set. Auld Lang Syne went off without a hitch! Post show party bus (organized by Jeff) to an after party downtown. Good times with good people. It's going to be a sweet year!